New England Loadrite




Where are you located and what are your office hours?

New England LOADRITE™'s main office is in Essex, CT. We have a satellite office in Hillsborough, NH. Our office hours are Monday-Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm.

Do you have Saturday hours?

Installation and service is available on Saturday when scheduled in advance and coordinated with our technical staff.

What states do you cover?

Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut.

How do I get a quote?

Contact us at (800) 528-5623 (860) 581-8588 or send an inquiry through our Contact Us page. You may also contact your local heavy equipment dealer of choice and ask for a LOADRITE™ scale quote.

Will your loader scales work with any machine make and model? 

Our loader scales are designed to be installed on any make and model of a front-end wheel loader.  Pricing does not vary based on machine type or location of customer.

Is the installation included with a new scale?

Installation assistance is included in our pricing.  For more information please contact us for a quote.

What is the warranty?


All new Trimble LOADRITE™ products (except the L2180™ scale) are backed by a 1-year manufacturer parts warranty when installed by an authorized dealer.

The L2180™ scale is backed by a 3-year manufacturer parts warranty.  A 2 year extended warranty is available for purchase for the L2180 only.

Scale installation labor is warranted against installer defect for 1 year on all new installs*

*calibrations, changes in machine operation and damage are not included in warranties.

Can I see a demo of your product?

We have hundreds of sites that would allow you to see the scales in operation or we can always come on site and give you a customized demonstration.

I have a technical problem or question, who do I contact?

We ask for all service and technical questions be directed to our main office by calling (800) 528-5623 or (860) 581-8588. You may also send your inquiry through our Contact Us page.

Do you offer phone support?

Yes.  By calling (800) 528-5623 or (860) 581-8588 you will get a live person who can assist you with calibration questions, parts concerns, and technical advice.

Can I calibrate the scale myself?

Self-adjustments are not advised!  We ask our customers to contact us if your scales are off, or if you have any other concern.  Correct calibration is essential to the operation of the scale.

Do you offer training?

Yes, initial operator training is included with each new install.  We will follow up on each scale shortly after install and again within 12 months.

Where do I get printer supplies?

Printer ink is available from  item # 537001  Epson Printer Ribbon, ERC09B, Black.

Printer paper is standard 2¼” wide calculator paper.  If you source paper locally be advised a standard 125′ roll will be too thick to fit in the printer. Several feet will need to be removed from each roll.  You may order single, double, and triple copy paper from us.

Please note: The roll needs to be 100’ long. Anything longer will not fit in the printer or it will jam.

I have a billing question, who do I contact?

Please contact Stephanie Antone at (800) 528-5623 or send an inquiry through our Contact Us page.